Tips for Poses in Newborn Photography London

newborn photography LondonFew types of photography are as intricate and demanding as newborn photography London. Tiny bundles of joy make for great photography subjects, but they are also unpredictable and lacking in coordination, so the photographer has to be in complete control of all variables, from poses to environment to timing.

Newborn photography has acquired quite a number of classic poses that everyone knows and loves, and here we will offer an array of them, along with tips on how to master them in order to make the session as simple and comfortable as possible for all those involved.

  • Wrapped pose

A true classic, the wrapped pose is one of the supreme go-tos for newborn photography London. Wrapping babies in warm blankets or shawls comforts them and keeps them happy, and can also provide a wonderful palette of colours and materials. The baby is also kept safe and sound while swaddled, and this gives the photographer a lot of freedom of movement and composition. It also offers the possibility of shooting the picture from a variety of angles, and it ensures minimum fuss and disruption to the model, which makes for an smooth session.

  • Womb pose

Also known as the taco pose, this charming position is also one that is very comfortable for babies. It allows the photographer to get in close and focus on the face of the newborn, as well as their limbs. The baby can once again be swaddled in material, or curled up on a colourful blanket or rug, and the photographer can use those different textures to showcase both the background and the model in order to create a gentle and tender portrait.

  • Family pose (parents and siblings)

A newborn is a huge addition to the life of any family, and if there are siblings involved there is nothing that marks the occasion quite like a joint shot that would brighten any mantelpiece. This can be a very bonding and heartwarming experience for the family but it does require even more focus and coordination, and a sharp eye for composition. The structure of the photographs will vary significantly according to the subjects of each, and the photographer can play around with the details of the poses: younger siblings can curl up next to the newborn, mothers can hold them close, fathers can lift them in the air. There is no end to creativity here, and any family shot holds an even deeper layer of softness and meaning within it.

  • Tummy pose

Settling the newborn on their tummy for the photograph allows them to be comfortable. It is also an excellent conduit for playing around with backdrops, as structures can be created with props and designs around the baby and experimentation with the surface the baby is lying on can be infinite. From beds to rugs to blankets to a multitude of props such as baskets, this can be one of the most versatile poses.

These classic poses will ensure the tenderness and craftsmanship sought after in newborn photography London, and to make them reality you should visit

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Important Keys for a Successful Wedding Photography Business

Companies like Facebook and Slack did not have overnight successes.

wedding photographyThe founders and shareholders identified a certain need of individuals and worked on developing a reliable solution to satisfy these needs. That is the thing about most successful companies we have today.

The owners worked on providing a solution to problems which the average individual faced on a daily basis. They created solutions to these problems but did not leave it at that. They continued refining these solutions and pushing them to the forefront for consumers to take note of them.

Consumers eventually took note of these products and services and adapted it to fit their needs. Now, it is a part of their daily lives. The fact that it is a part of their daily lives means they are more likely to recommend it to other paper to try.

This is the ideal scenario for any wedding photography business. Most photographers make photography their source of income because for them, they are passionate about it. But, being passionate about photography does not mean you can make a success out of it. Those that think so have failed at it woefully not knowing where they went wrong.

Having passion for something is very good as it means you won’t easily turn away from it. It also means you are always eager to learn new things about the subject of your passion. But, apart from being passionate, what else can you do to ensure that your business becomes a case study of successful wedding photography businesses?

Below, we have tips on how to do this:

  • Research your market

One thing most photographers fail to do is to research the market they are venturing into. They just wake up one morning decide that they are going to venture into photography, open a store and start soliciting for customers. That is definitely not the way to go about it.

There are different photographers on the market, but you want to ensure that instead of the population visiting these ones, they come to you. Therefore, you need to study their habits, take note of what they are likely to spend on and how often they are likely to visit a photographer. Apart from that, you also need to understand what it is they look for when it comes to wedding photography services. Are they even aware that different styles of wedding photography in exist?

  • Provide Solutions

After surveying the market and selecting a niche that befits you, the next thing to think of is how to appeal to them. This is where you have to be creative in providing solutions. The best thing is to be innovative and think outside the box but, if you can’t think of something new, then think of something old and refine it.

Although consumers love innovation, they also love it when you take something old and do it in a better way than it was done in the past. Remember, the goal is to ensure that you are differentiated from your their competitors you do not want to be lumped into the same category that they are in. If you are lumped, it becomes difficult to come out.

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Who is a Wedding Photographer Essex?

wedding photographer EssexIn the life of an individual, there are bound to be specific moments that are dear to them. One of them being the wedding. There is a high chance that at a certain age, most individuals might decide to make a commitment and unite with another individual.

The fact that weddings do not occur on a regular basis in our daily lives is what makes the capturing of it all the more special. To make it easier for couples to enjoy their weddings, without worrying about what happens to the memories, the job of the wedding photographer Essex was created. Sure, picture taking in the modern day can be done by almost anyone, but not everyone can bring the same amount of professionalism and skill to it like the person who made it his or her job.

Therefore, this brings about the question of who a Wedding Photographer is. Read below:

  • A Wedding Photographer is a Professional

When talking about profession, we refer to someone who partakes or participates in a certain field or activity to gain a livelihood. Therefore, in the case of a Photographer, this is not just your neighbor who is fascinated by cameras or views taking pictures as a hobby. Rather, this is someone that has made a career from helping you cover your special moments.

How can you tell a professional apart from those that make it a hobby? This is very simple if you know what to look out for. A professional wedding photographer Essex will have:

  • The necessary tools: camera, lenses, tripod, memory sticks, editing software
  • The necessary professional package: portfolio, official website, training

Of course, these are just excerpts of some of the things needed by a professional.

  • A Wedding Photographer is Skilled

The dictionary defines “skill” as a learned power derived from being able to do something competently. It can also be viewed as the ability to utilize one’s knowledge efficiently and effectively in the performance or execution of a task. From the definition, it is quite clear to see where we are headed.

Wedding photography is also a skill. It is not something you can easily pick up just because you are fascinated by it or you own a camera. It requires a certain level of knowledge and constant practice. That is why you see amateur wedding photographers serving as second shooters for the experienced professionals. They know their skill level is not high enough to cover a wedding on their own and as such seek well established photographers to learn the trade from.

You might like photography but that is just one of the major requirements to being a successful photographer. From your love of the trade, you also need to refine your skills like, to be one of the most sought-after photographers. That is why we always insist on the fact that Wedding Photography is not for everyone.

To be a wedding photographer Essex like Justin Bailey Photography, you need to first love it, live it, hone your skills then utilize it to create special memories for your clients.

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What’s in Your Contract with Your Wedding Photographer Jacksonville FL?

wedding photographers Jacksonville FLAs a way to seal your agreement with your wedding photographers Waterford, you need to sign the contract with them. And at this moment, it’s important that you pay attention to everything written on that piece of paper because it’s an agreement that you cannot change later on without the photographer’s agreement.

And it’s a tricky part because we see many couples regretting their choices and don’t understand what happened until they are in the court trying to win their case.

Yes, it can happen to you, too.

Take your time

The first thing we want to remind you is to take your time reading the contract. As a matter of fact, it will take quite some time and you might feel weirded out from reading it so long as if you’re not trusting your photographer. Do not feel pressured. Know that it is normal to take a long time to understand a contract of thousands of dollars before signing it and giving your consent.


Make sure the number of photographers stated is right on each occasion you have asked the photographers to come. Check if there is a name stated there and make sure with your photographer again that it’s someone you want. You don’t want an assistant to come and shoot for your important day.


How many hours did your photographer promise to work for you? Some photographers promise to work for a whole day, but if it’s the case of a photographer with limited hours, check that it’s the right amount of time length. It’s also important that the photographer state there how much is charged for extra hours and it shouldn’t be a hidden price but stated clearly like does.

If you hire multiple wedding photographers, it should also state clearly how much extra is paid in total, not just per photographer.

Edited pictures

Most wedding photographers don’t provide editing service for every picture. A wedding photographer will select some of the best pictures, especially the ones that will be featured in the wedding album. The photographer will edit them and ask for your confirmation that they look good enough before they proceed to print the pictures out. Check the number of pictures.

Fine print

A lot of things are hidden in the fine print part of the statement. Did you pay attention to them to make sure that none of the exceptions or exclusions will change the meaning of the statement? In the case that you have a case with the photographer, this is going to be a base that makes it unable for you to demand your rights.

Ask for the photographer’s explanations on statements that you don’t understand or not clear about. Don’t just assume things and make sure that you really understand them. Don’t worry about asking the photographer to change the content of the contract before you agree to sign it. If the photographer ended up unable to agree to it, you know it’s time to reconsider your choice.

The process of choosing the right wedding photographer Jacksonville FL  doesn’t end when you’ve found someone you like. Until seconds before you sign the contract, it’s important to always be detailed and careful about things.

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Things Your Photographer Will Need for Wedding Photography Hertfordshire

wedding photography HertfordshireIn a wedding, the photographer is not the only one that needs to be actively involved. As a matter of fact, in wedding photography Hertfordshire both the couple and the photographer are collaborators with both of them doing their part to make sure the wedding pictures turn out great. We decided to explain certain things that might seem meaningless at first but are actually of great importance. Read below:

  • Consultations

How often do couples actually talk to the photographer before the day of the wedding? The same thing also applies to the photographer as not all of them reach out to their clients to update them on perhaps setup of their equipment and how they hope to progress with the shoot. It is highly important that both parties set aside time to discuss these issues.

For example, the photographer knows that the location of the wedding is in Hertfordshire but as someone who is based in the area does that mean they are familiar with the actual venue? Hence the reason why some photographers scout out the wedding venue to take note of lighting and if the setting would work well with their plans. It would also be best if the couple could go with the photographer and perhaps give an idea of how the venue would look on the day of the wedding and the type of shots they hope the photographer can get.

  • Mock shoots

Not all wedding couples take pictures when sending out their wedding invitations ad some even forget to send out an invite to the photographer to make it to the rehearsal. Wedding rehearsals might be a mockup of the actual event but that does not make them any less important for your wedding photography Hertfordshire by . With the help of the wedding rehearsal, the photographer can take points on certain things he has to adjust for or highlight on the day of the wedding.

Apart from taking notes, the events of the wedding rehearsal might actually be a memory worth cherishing so if you are having one still send out an invite. At the end of the rehearsal, you can communicate with the photographer and find out if you need to adjust certain things. People easily forget that photographers have an eye for aesthetics so getting their opinion might be good for you as well.

  • Stick to time

What time is the wedding meant to be? Morning, afternoon or evening? This is highly important especially if the agreed rate was based on hours. You do not want your photographer showing up at an appointed time when you are yet to be ready. Some photographers might not care that you are not ready as long as they come when stated and cover for the length of time required of them. You really do not want the photographer leaving when the main event has barely started.

At the end of the day, simple courtesies shown by both parties to each other can make or break the wedding pictures. For the best outcome for your wedding photography Hertfordshire, pay attention to what was mentioned above.

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Top Pricing Mistakes Most Same Sex Wedding Photographers Make

same sex wedding photographer

Even the mention of prices in many circles is enough to make some photographers cringe and many faces twist. Photographers have had not-so-good experiences dabbling with charges as they grew in the industry.

Set your charges too high as a beginner, and you risk losing customers, have nothing to show when it comes to displaying a portfolio and lose out on a whole. Set your rates too low, and potential clients see you as too cheap, even thinking that you might not do a good job.

Unsurprisingly, couples generally tend to use the price factor in choosing their wedding photographer. It is important they do that especially when working with a small budget. But it usually leads to hiring a mediocre photographer at the end of the day. Experts at event planning will usually advise to put photography somewhere up the list.

Back to photographers. A same sex wedding photographer doesn’t have it any different. When it comes to setting rates for weddings, many wedding photographers make these mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not Knowing their Niche or Target

As a wedding photographer who does same-sex weddings, you need to understand that you are in a niche of photography. Think of it like a specialty – like dermatology or cardiology in medicine. Truth is, you might not get to have a lot of same-sex weddings to shoot in a year. So, you should set a reasonably appropriate price.

Take a good look at price page. Paul is a full-fledged wedding photographer and also a same sex wedding photographer. By understanding your niche, you should set a good rate such that you don’t lose out at the end of the year.  Let your targets determine your prices.

Mistake #2: Separating Prices

You will not so easily find a wedding photographer who does only same-sex weddings. Like Paul above, for example, there is usually a blend.

As a wedding photographer who does other kinds of weddings too, it is a mistake to separate the prices for both, treating same-sex weddings “special”, and consequently attempting to fix different prices.

Mistake #3: Using Complicated Price Guides

An extension of the previous pricing mistake is to fix complicated rates such that clients find it difficult to understand your guide. Again, take a look at Paul’s online portfolio (link above) and you’d find simplicity in his rates, even as a same sex photographer with experience and various clients.

Simplicity is everything. You should have different packages, probably not more than three or four, but they should be lucid and direct. Many photographers who offer lots of services tend to overwhelm clients with lots of different price ranges. You should not do this as a professional photographer.

Always remember that your online portfolio is the first way you communicate with potential clients. If they feel comfortable with the way you communicate your rates, they’ll most likely contact you to seal the deal.

Prices can slow down the pace at which customers approach you in your career as a professional same sex wedding photographer. Of course, as you get more experience, and build a portfolio and brand, you can alter your prices to reflect your experience and skill and boost confidence.

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Wedding Photography Techniques You Need to Know

Melbourne wedding photographyShooting for a wedding occasion can be challenging when unexpected situations arise. Sometimes, you have to shoot at the beach on an unusually bright day. Others may have to shoot with the sky looking like it’ll pour any second.

To make sure that your Melbourne wedding photography service will always deliver the same, high-quality results, you have to be prepared. How?


High ISO settings enhance the picture’s clarity as it lets more light into the lens. Yet, the higher is the ISO, the more noise is produced in the picture. Noise is small grains that are formed and this is common when ISO is set at 1600 and higher.

Normally, you wouldn’t be able to go more than 800 without seeing a lot of distorted noise, nor do you need to. In low-light, high ISO will let you capture things more clearly when coupled with long exposure. In daylight, low ISO will help you capture things faster and clearer.

Note, in dark situation, blurry images can be easily formed if you don’t use high exposure, long shutter speed, with a stable camera. You need to use your tripod or ensure that your hands aren’t shaking when you shoot. On the other hand, if it’s too dark, you can use flash or a secondary lighting source to brighten things up.


The right exposure will capture the picture at just the right brightness. The higher it is, the brighter it gets. But remember: it has to fit with not just the foreground, but also the background. If you’re shooting under the sunset, you’ll find yourself in trouble soon enough.

Some of the best pictures of Melbourne wedding photography with very well-calculated exposure can be seen at

The exposure that is too low won’t be able to show the picture clearly. You need to the right level, depending on the lighting situation. The brighter it is, the shorter should your shutter speed is. Remember that you can always edit the picture after capturing it in both high and low exposure mode. Do exposure bracketing to perfect the picture and get that stunning effect.

Shutter speed

Playing with shutter speed can create a truly different picture from the same view. Long shutter speed allow light to enter the frame and fills it with clearer image. Short shutter speed prevents blurriness and ensures crystal clear pictures. The long shutter speed is the one that you need to experience often. It allows for a range of different kind of photography you can incorporate.

The short one allows you to capture things quickly as they happen, which is great if you’re in the middle of the party. You can shoot on the go, not having to worry about bumps and shakes.

Long exposure ensures a higher quality picture and better view even on the minimum lighting situation. With the right exposure level, you can make sure that your pictures still look very professional even in the dark. The secret lies in mastering how the three can work well together in your Melbourne wedding photography.

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What Does Becoming a Professional Photographer Mean?

Adelaide wedding photographersBecoming a professional is not just about taking pictures up to the limit you allowed or being well-versed in the terms of photography. It’s about giving more than expected, making people your priority and truly serious in striving to become better. Those are the things that make up professional Adelaide wedding photographers.

Fulfilling what you promised

It’s a given for any photographer to fulfill their own words. Without a doubt, you have to arrive on time, work as you’ve promised (sending the photographer your client wants, for example), work as long as you’ve promised and provided as many pictures as you’ve promised.

But the quality of a professional photographer should always excess these all.

You should be able to deliver as many, high-quality pictures of the day as possible. If extending a few minutes is necessary, stop adding them up to the bills. If your clients want to talk to you, hear them out. You need every bit of information on their wedding if you want to make sure you’re doing it right.

It’s for the people

You’re working for people, remember. As long as that’s a fact, it’s important to consider what they have to say on the matter seriously. Whether they like your work or not can heavily depend on whether they like you or not. If you’re acting like an ass, they might just diss everything you did and try to slander you out of it.

You might win the court, but that’s beside the point. The words would have been spread and your image is already hurt and it will take some time to recover fully if it’s ever possible.

An example of among professional Adelaide wedding photographers you can follow is Prioritizing the client ranks top on his list. It’s above taking the best pictures because happy and delighted customers can always think better of the nice listener their photographer was.

Know your stuff

It’s weird to even be talking at length about this, but there’s nothing wrong about repeating it. Knowing about your camera is more than just knowing the model and the specifications of it. You need to be familiar and quick with it. When you need it in a certain mode in a dynamic environment, you can quickly switch it and get your shot perfectly. Perfect is subjective, but familiarity can be trained.

It will be very useful in the middle of a wedding party if you know your gears. You don’t fumble with your flash for more than a few minutes because people don’t do ‘cheers’ for more than a couple of seconds just to wait for you to set yourself up.

Keep in touch!

The last thing you shouldn’t forget is to keep in touch with your clients! It’s definitely not for the purpose of expecting a return visit; God knows we hope they don’t. But it’s a way to remind them that we were their photographer and they can recommend us to others if they like what we did.

It’s also good manners to remember when to congratulate people on their anniversaries and leave some comments on what’s memorable on their day. It’s simple, but Adelaide wedding photographers need the determination to do this right.

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Is My Wedding Photographer Charging Too Much?

wedding photography Northern IrelandSo, you have surfed through the internet for professional wedding photography Northern Ireland. you have seen his or her portfolio and you are impressed at the techniques and gadgets used to capture such images. You want that same experience and service.

Then you get an interview with him or her, to know how well both of you can work together and rapport. You ask questions, arrive at a good conclusion. Then he names his fees and price and you are taken aback.

Time, Effort, Money

Wedding can be huge events no doubt, depending on how big you want it to be of course. Thing is, whether you hold a small garden wedding or you go to the chapel, you want to keep those memories alive forever. You want your generation to see how that day went down.

Wedding photographers know this, but that is not why their charges appear expensive.

Photography is a skill that requires time, effort and investment. Learning to do it in a building or space full of people and making no mistake (because you cannot have a re-wedding), is almost an entire skill to learn. Your wedding photography Northern Ireland provider such as has one shot to capture those memories. Just one opportunity.

Wedding Photography Is A Specialization

For one, wedding photography is more or less a specialization. Like every other profession, specialists in particular fields get paid higher; because they are deemed to have astounding and vast knowledge that field. Photography on its own is a big world; with so many different niches. Wedding photography is one and your photography is a specialist.

Higher Duration and Packages, Higher Pay

Wedding photographers will also charge more when they offer more packages other than just snapping pictures. Some will offer you different album types and volumes. Some will offer you your pictures in a CD alongside. Some will offer you professional editing. Some will offer you video capturing on your event day.

Then look at the duration of your event too. If you photographer will stay a whole day, expect more. Many photographers will also charge you commensurately with the number of guests. More guests mean more photos. More photos mean more charges.

Generally, you can cut down on the charges, by choosing the packages you want in his or her services.

Good Wedding Equipment Is Expensive Too

Gadgets and equipment. They are quite expensive. Yet, these are the tools your photographer needs to capture the essence of that day. Not that you should be worried or bothered. Tools and gadgets are your photographer’s responsibilities not yours

But think of it.

If you provide a service using expensive equipment, you’d want to charge sensibly enough to cover costs. Its business.

When you hire a wedding photographer, a professional especially, you are not buying gadgets of course. In my opinion, you are not even buying pictures. Instead, you are buying experience and professional service. Good service alone is expensive. Good service is hard to get.


You should not be discouraged when the photographer you want names his or her price. Wedding photography Northern Ireland is work; and for many photographers, it is a means of livelihood in which they have dedicated time and money.

Instead, take a good look at what he or she is offering; and negotiate.

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Do You Need to Use Two Wedding Photographers?

wedding photographers BillericayWhy does one have a dilemma in choosing whether to use one or get two photographers for their wedding? Price is mainly the reason. If using one can save a bunch and knowing that you won’t get that much benefit from a second shooter, you might as well just use one.

At the same time, they can’t help but wonder if they’ll regret it. This is something that can never be repeated again and you’ll be having only the pictures to remind you of the wedding. Let’s settle this dilemma once and for all. The following are factors to decide if you should get two wedding photographers Billericay or not.

Is your wedding party big?

Some people like to do a ‘personal wedding party’ and invite only their close friends to the event. This type of wedding party doesn’t have more than 50 guests usually.If that’s what you’re planning, too, get a single photographer.

This is because a single wedding photographer is able to get everything that’s happening in the room and during the reception. Your photographer will be able to handle things just right with a few walks around the room.

It’s quite big

So, the wedding party is actually going to be quite huge. About 100 guests coming over? Well, we can understand that some of us love to spread the happiness and celebrate it with everyone. It’s literally a life-changing experience, so you’ll want this day to be really memorable.

A single photographer will still get you great, memorable pictures of the day, given if he’s a professional. One of the best wedding photographers Billericay who can pull this off is and we suggest you find him if you’re very stuck at the budget and wanting to get a single wedding photographer for your not-so-small wedding.

But if you’re not, the best way would be getting a second shooter for the event. This second shooter is going to take pictures of either the small things or have the same role as the lead photographer, that is taking pictures of the event without overlapping the tasks. Some photographers are also partners for life, so it’s not hard for them to work things out like that.

More pictures aren’t necessarily of quality

The second shooter that your lead shooter is bringing isn’t always of the same level. There’s a big chance that he’s just a trainee and you will only get more ‘small’ pictures; the flowers and other not-so-important pictures. Given if they are good enough to be included in your wedding album.

Whenever you’re hiring a second shooter, ask the professionalism and compare that to the price increase. The price increase shouldn’t exceed around $800 for a full-day service. You can count the rest yourself if the hours are lessened.

If you truly value the pictures

Some couples really like to have as many memories and pictures of their wedding day as possible. They are also eager to get multiple perspectives on a single event, such as the wedding vow and throw the bouquet. It’s a lot of think about when a lot of money is involved.

You can instead, get two wedding photographers Billericay assigned for shorter hours if a full-day service seems too much for you. Most photographers understand and will do the favor of getting as many pictures during the early hours (if you’re skipping the ceremony) or the late hours when the reception party is starting(if you’re skipping the reception).

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Things Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire Should Do for You

wedding photographer HertfordshireIt’s sad when we see couples feeling disappointed or lost when they ask us whether their wedding photographer Hertfordshire should have done this or that. Well, fear not, happy couples, because we are here to set things straight and let you find only professionals and demand your right from them!

You’ve paid not a small amount of money for the occasion. It’s only right to demand what’s supposed to be yours and the job of your photographer.

Doesn’t let you consult much

Your photographer has to be, firstly, someone that listens. Honestly, what kind of artist can do well for the commissioner if he or she has not the ability to hear what you want? The wedding pictures of your day are going to be permanent and kept forever. So, you’d really want to find someone that is eager and patient enough to at least hear you out first.

Then, do they give you an answer or a solution? Another thing about consulting is that you’re not just looking for someone to hear you out but to provide the solutions to your concerns. That’s also why you’re willing to pay that much, no? If your photographer seems to be someone more interested in money than the job, you can get ready to leave that place.

Doesn’t come to the rehearsal

This shows the consistency and determination of the photographer. Anyone that truly want to do well and be able to capture high-quality pictures like the professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire at will not reject the invitation to the rehearsal dinner of their customers. There’s a lot of reasons for that.

Firstly, you don’t know what kind of changes could have happened to the venue and you can also see the decorations and layout of the place directly. During the rehearsal, you can also ask the people that are involved to change their places or stand in a way that will make them look good on the camera. It’s the time to get ready before the actual day and be less awkward for it.

Putting clauses that are disadvantaging on the contract

Be careful with what’s written in the contract with your photographer! Did you know that there are already a few couples that had to go to the court because they sounded their genuine, negative, reviews on their photographer?

Yes, the contract states that the clients are not allowed to basically complain, critic, or review negatively on the public on the service they’ve received. It’s just another way of telling you that you, not a word on what you get. You’ve paid it and you don’t’ get to complain, isn’t that just unfair?

Fortunately, though, the government doesn’t typically side with the photographer on this. Anything that causes people to lose their right to express their honest opinions can be deemed invalid on the contract, but still, going to the court is not something fun.

Don’t worry about! We’ve shown you things your wedding photographer Hertfordshire should do, although they’re not mandatory, you know that quality is not enough by doing the mandatory things. These things are always done by the professionals that we know.

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Wedding Photographer: Don’t Forget to Shoot These Things!

Peterborough wedding photographerBefore your client comes up with a long list of things to shoot, we want to make sure that as a professional Peterborough wedding photographer, you can confidently refuse it and reassure them that you’ve got this. Working as a Peterborough wedding photographer means you will have to go around from one place to another while remembering when, where and how to shoot different things.

Here’s the list!


The setup of the church and the ceremony venue has to be captured! Remember to capture them as early as possible. Before anyone arrives, don’t forget that altar, that aisle, and those flowers arrangement. You also need to remember to take a picture that shows the whole venue.

Dress-up session

This is the most important session that some couples miss! If your client is unsure about doing this, convince them! Tell them that this is once in a lifetime experience and that the wedding dress is meant solely for this day, so It’s worth remembering.

Remember to shoot the make-up set and everything that takes part in dressing up the bride. The most important thing would be taking a good picture of the wedding dress. This might take time to prepare as everyone is in a hurry to get ready and taking pictures is something that has to be done with utmost care.

You have to plan this one carefully as some couples wish to have their dress up pictures taken at the home of their grandparents. This can be quite a distance to travel from the bride to groom, so if you can get a second shooter, it’ll be easier.

Don’t forget a complete look of the bride and the groom on separate pictures. You’d want to especially take a shot of the bride’s back as she stands at the door facing outward. If the bride is wearing something that reveals a big portion of the back, make a note to definitely take several pictures of this.


After the dress up, don’t forget to take some pictures of the parents seeing their children in their full wedding outfit. It’s going to be a touching moment with tears here and there. Don’t forget that although daddy looks strong, he’s also feeling emotional, so snap some pictures!

Throughout the day, it is also important to take some more pictures of the parents, too. Couples love to see their pictures in their album but would also appreciate it if their Peterborough wedding photographer can include some funny, emotional, and cute pictures of their parents.

Best friends, bridesmaids, and groomsmen
They are almost a must in every wedding. But did you ever pay more attention to them after group pictures? Especially best friends who are not bridesmaids of the couples, it is important to make time because the bride definitely wants to take several pictures of just the two of them.

Watch out for some crazy stuff they are probably up to, too!

Surprise performances

Some family members love to make surprises for their relatives who are getting married. These performances might not appear on the itinerary, so if you had attended the wedding rehearsal before, you might get some insight first beforehand!

If you didn’t, be sure to pay attention to the dance floor, because uncle John might want to tap dance after the first dance!

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