What Does Becoming a Professional Photographer Mean?

Adelaide wedding photographersBecoming a professional is not just about taking pictures up to the limit you allowed or being well-versed in the terms of photography. It’s about giving more than expected, making people your priority and truly serious in striving to become better. Those are the things that make up professional Adelaide wedding photographers.

Fulfilling what you promised

It’s a given for any photographer to fulfill their own words. Without a doubt, you have to arrive on time, work as you’ve promised (sending the photographer your client wants, for example), work as long as you’ve promised and provided as many pictures as you’ve promised.

But the quality of a professional photographer should always excess these all.

You should be able to deliver as many, high-quality pictures of the day as possible. If extending a few minutes is necessary, stop adding them up to the bills. If your clients want to talk to you, hear them out. You need every bit of information on their wedding if you want to make sure you’re doing it right.

It’s for the people

You’re working for people, remember. As long as that’s a fact, it’s important to consider what they have to say on the matter seriously. Whether they like your work or not can heavily depend on whether they like you or not. If you’re acting like an ass, they might just diss everything you did and try to slander you out of it.

You might win the court, but that’s beside the point. The words would have been spread and your image is already hurt and it will take some time to recover fully if it’s ever possible.

An example of among professional Adelaide wedding photographers you can follow is panacheweddings.com.au. Prioritizing the client ranks top on his list. It’s above taking the best pictures because happy and delighted customers can always think better of the nice listener their photographer was.

Know your stuff

It’s weird to even be talking at length about this, but there’s nothing wrong about repeating it. Knowing about your camera is more than just knowing the model and the specifications of it. You need to be familiar and quick with it. When you need it in a certain mode in a dynamic environment, you can quickly switch it and get your shot perfectly. Perfect is subjective, but familiarity can be trained.

It will be very useful in the middle of a wedding party if you know your gears. You don’t fumble with your flash for more than a few minutes because people don’t do ‘cheers’ for more than a couple of seconds just to wait for you to set yourself up.

Keep in touch!

The last thing you shouldn’t forget is to keep in touch with your clients! It’s definitely not for the purpose of expecting a return visit; God knows we hope they don’t. But it’s a way to remind them that we were their photographer and they can recommend us to others if they like what we did.

It’s also good manners to remember when to congratulate people on their anniversaries and leave some comments on what’s memorable on their day. It’s simple, but Adelaide wedding photographers need the determination to do this right.

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Is My Wedding Photographer Charging Too Much?

wedding photography Northern IrelandSo, you have surfed through the internet for professional wedding photography Northern Ireland. you have seen his or her portfolio and you are impressed at the techniques and gadgets used to capture such images. You want that same experience and service.

Then you get an interview with him or her, to know how well both of you can work together and rapport. You ask questions, arrive at a good conclusion. Then he names his fees and price and you are taken aback.

Time, Effort, Money

Wedding can be huge events no doubt, depending on how big you want it to be of course. Thing is, whether you hold a small garden wedding or you go to the chapel, you want to keep those memories alive forever. You want your generation to see how that day went down.

Wedding photographers know this, but that is not why their charges appear expensive.

Photography is a skill that requires time, effort and investment. Learning to do it in a building or space full of people and making no mistake (because you cannot have a re-wedding), is almost an entire skill to learn. Your wedding photography Northern Ireland provider such as https://michaellove.co/ has one shot to capture those memories. Just one opportunity.

Wedding Photography Is A Specialization

For one, wedding photography is more or less a specialization. Like every other profession, specialists in particular fields get paid higher; because they are deemed to have astounding and vast knowledge that field. Photography on its own is a big world; with so many different niches. Wedding photography is one and your photography is a specialist.

Higher Duration and Packages, Higher Pay

Wedding photographers will also charge more when they offer more packages other than just snapping pictures. Some will offer you different album types and volumes. Some will offer you your pictures in a CD alongside. Some will offer you professional editing. Some will offer you video capturing on your event day.

Then look at the duration of your event too. If you photographer will stay a whole day, expect more. Many photographers will also charge you commensurately with the number of guests. More guests mean more photos. More photos mean more charges.

Generally, you can cut down on the charges, by choosing the packages you want in his or her services.

Good Wedding Equipment Is Expensive Too

Gadgets and equipment. They are quite expensive. Yet, these are the tools your photographer needs to capture the essence of that day. Not that you should be worried or bothered. Tools and gadgets are your photographer’s responsibilities not yours

But think of it.

If you provide a service using expensive equipment, you’d want to charge sensibly enough to cover costs. Its business.

When you hire a wedding photographer, a professional especially, you are not buying gadgets of course. In my opinion, you are not even buying pictures. Instead, you are buying experience and professional service. Good service alone is expensive. Good service is hard to get.


You should not be discouraged when the photographer you want names his or her price. Wedding photography Northern Ireland is work; and for many photographers, it is a means of livelihood in which they have dedicated time and money.

Instead, take a good look at what he or she is offering; and negotiate.

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