Steps for Newborn Baby Photography

newborn baby photographyTaking pictures of babies can prove to be nerve-wrecking if you are not used to it. Babies are especially different from other stages in human life in that they do not understand human commands, yet. Newborns even tend to sleep and just fidgets around without opening their eyes much, because they are still adapting from warm, comfortable dark environment in their mother’s womb.

If you are worried with how and where to start with your first newborn baby photography, we have several tips to kick you off ready for it.

Give parents a helping hand.

Surely, parents job are to take care of their babies, but that does not make you a bystander when your clients are fuzzling about. Even more so when parents are having their first babies, you need to give even more attention and maybe share a little experience with how first times sure can be a challenge. You can help with wiping up mess, assuring them that you are taking baby pictures so it is alright and always have your own baby wipes ready.

Types of Photography

Typically there’s the posed, candid and lifestyle photographs widely known that can be used on newborn baby photography. Depending on your clients request you will do either one of them or combine all of them.


It is almost a mandatory to have posed babies pictures, it’s like every parents want. There are many baby poses you can find online or come up with your own.  Since newborns typically sleep more if they are fed before the photography sessions, moving them into certian positions can be easy, but some poses may proof to be a little bit of a challenge. For example, you may need your assistant help or the parents to hold the head straight, while both of the baby’s hands are put under to make it look like he’s resting his head on his pair of hands. Editing the hands out will make the picture perfect later on.

There’s also using various cute props you can use that sold online or can handcrafted yourself. One thing you need to remember is if using the props are safe for the baby. Hanging poses for example are the most dangerous ones because newborns make little movements time to time and may push himself off, so safety check before taking pictures.


This is hidden pictures that you can take in between sessions when parents hassle around looking after their babies. Snapped candid pictures can turn out so much better than poses sometimes because of the natural expression and emotions captured.


Typically done at the quarter of the parents, these pictures consist on the daily life and rooms where the baby will grow up in. Props can still be used, though you will want to emphasize on using the house more. Parents will also play a major role here, though they do too in the two other type of newborn photography.


Should be used as minimum as possible. Use reflectors because natural light are the best to use in newborn baby photography mainly because they poke the sentiments of the viewers. Instead of just lightning the place up, use natural source of opening such as windows or doors to increase the light exposure and mind your angle to prevent creating a one dimensional picture.

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What to Know About Baby Photography

baby photographyIt’s not exactly rocket science if you try to head in and learn about baby photography. Truth be told, it actually turns out to be so much simpler than you would probably think. The basics are pretty easy to understand and the principles that surround it are almost always self explanatory. The only difficult challenge to face is the actual execution though. Although baby photography is fairly easy to understand in theory, it also technically means that you need a little more patience than usual if you would like to make sure that you will get to pull it off in all of the right ways.

When you are prepping up for a baby photography shoot, make it a point to always time the lighting.

You have to understand that although you are using natural light, there is no one right approach to natural light. It changes depending on the time of the day so this is something that you have to be quite particular about. Flash photography is not something that tends to work well with baby photography and that is why you need to make it a point wherein natural light is something that will work just fine for your lighting needs. Flash is something that can turn out to be a little too harsh for babies to deal with and it can even wake them up when they fall asleep during a baby photography shoot. It does not require you to be an experienced parent to know and understand that a baby who was woken up abruptly certainly does not fare well for a baby photography shoot. Keep the baby comfortable and at ease all of the time by always opting for natural light. The best time of the day to schedule your baby photography shoot is during the morning. Babies are more comfortable during the morning. They have been recently fed and bathed. They have also been refreshed from just waking up from a long night’s sleep. There is a pretty good chance that the baby’s disposition will be at its best during the morning so push for this schedule if the parents can make it happen.

Go for a simple backdrop.

Embellishments are fine but keep them for the props and for the rest of the other accessories that you would like to incorporate in your baby photography Buckinghamshire shots. As for the backdrop. It should always be neutral or fairly simple. The principle around it is that it should not be visually distracting. The main purpose of baby photography is to make the baby the star of the entire project. When you go for a backdrop that has some kind of potential to be distracting, it may take the attention away from the baby and that’s certainly something that you should go ahead and try to avoid as much as possible, if you can help it.

Keep in mind of the fact that a comfortable baby makes for a great subject in baby photography.

Go through the lengths of playing great baby-friendly music in the background and keeping the temperature toasty and comfortable enough for the baby to stay in.

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Important Guide To Newborn Photography

newborn baby photographyNewborn photography is a service that has been around for quite some time now and although this is not technically something that you specialize in as a professional photographer, you will be asked time and time again if you can hold out a shoot for certain clients. As someone who is new to the industry, you need to make sure that you are able to immerse yourself in different experiences and in different avenues for you to be able to learn more about your craft as a professional photographer. Although this is not your forte per se, when you come to think about it, there is really nothing that is stopping you from learning how to do it. The income that you will be able to generate will suffice to at least help keep you keep afloat at least until you will be able to go ahead and make your big clients book you in the process. It is something that is worthwhile enough for you to do in the meantime and should be something that you should try to initiate or check out if you can help it.

Timing is crucial

What you need to understand about providing newborn baby photography service is the fact that timing really is crucial when it comes to a shoot like this. Talk to the parents ahead of time and try to see if you can go ahead and book the photo shoot within the first ten days of the newborn baby’s life. This is something that will really be able to make your job as a professional photographer so much easier and so much smoother compared to setting up the shoot at a later phase in the baby’s life. During the first ten days of the baby’s life, he still hasn’t acclimated to the outside world just yet. What this means for you is that you will get to have a lot of time and freedom in posing him in different positions and in different angles that you would like to try out or play around with and he won’t really mind or object too much because of the fact that he will be asleep most of the time anyway. The parents don’t really know this and that is the main reason why you should make it a point to really get to talk to them well in advance so that they can book the photo shoot with you accordingly.

Prepare and strategize

The truth of the matter is that it isn’t necessarily rocket science and it isn’t really all that hard to set up a newborn baby photography shoot but it does require a certain amount of preparation and strategizing when it all comes down to it. Prep up for it the right way and things should work out without so much of a hitch. You also need to take note of the fact that you don’t really have that much window of time in getting the photo shoot under way. The moment that the baby gets in to the studio, work on shooting away on the images right away and try to avoid wasting any amount of time in the process.

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