What A Wedding Photographer Should Know About Business

Have patience with yourself and take note of the fact that it takes time for you to improve on your wedding photography skills.

wedding photographyIt takes a lot of time and a lot of practice before you can consider yourself as an expert in anything and this is something that you will need to remind yourself of every now and then whenever you are starting to lose confidence in yourself and in what you can do as a professional essex wedding photographer. There will always be things that you can improve on or that you will need to work harder on. This is not something that you need to beat yourself up about at the end of the day. Have patience in yourself and be a little kinder to yourself. Things like these don’t just happen overnight. You get a little better every day as time goes by. You will eventually get the hang of things when it all comes down to it. If you work on you craft for about three hours a day every day of the week, it will take you roughly around ten years before you can become an expert in that said craft so it’s really alright to pace yourself when you are assessing your skill level and the progress that you are making.

Develop the right kind of passion for wedding photography.

You need to think of it as something so much more than just a way to earn money. When you have a passion for something, you tend to go above and beyond in making sure that you are able to excel in it all across the board. You don’t see it as just a job that you are stuck in. Instead, you get up every day excited in the aspect of learning something new at the end of the day. That is something that can really work out well for you and work extremely well when you think about the sustainability aspect of the things that keep you inspired. Wedding photography should be more of a vocation for you. You should always be willing to learn new things and try out new techniques and strategies every now and then.

Brace yourself for failure in your first few years in wedding photography.

You won’t get a lot of booked gigs in the start of your career. There are a lot of rejections that you will need to really brace yourself for. What is important is for you to make sure that you really stand strong and hang in there even when the going gets tough because things will get easier for you over time. You will be getting so many more no’s than yes’ and you should just make sure that you don’t quit too easily. Just try to take whatever you can get and try to gain as much experience as you possibly can.

Bank on the things that make you different from the rest of the competition in wedding photography.

Don’t follow the herd and don’t go after the newest hit in the professional photography world. Try to pave your own path as much as possible.

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Great Wedding Photographer Tips


wedding photographyYou should make sure that you are able to understand or wrap your head around the concept of the wedding photographer trying to be invisible during the wedding photo shoot. As much as possible, you need to make sure that you are able to get out of the way. You need to attract as little attention to yourself as possible so that you do not disrupt the flow of the wedding sequence and so that you will be able to capture the moments as they come with little to no interruption at all. You have to keep in mind that the guests who are attending came in to see the bride and the groom and not you, the wedding photographer. As harsh as this may sound, the truth of the matter is that they really did not come in to see you. You need to learn how to keep your presence as less obvious as much as possible. This means that you should know when to keep your distance so that you can make people feel comfortable and less awkward during the wedding photo shoot. Use a telephoto lens or any other kind of longer lens that will allow you to still zoom in so that you don’t miss any of your close up shots in the process.


Learn how to put your camera in a quiet shutter setting so that there won’t be any noise to attract people’s attention while you are taking photos. Minimize the use of flash so that you don’t startle people when it all comes down to it. Dress well so that you get to blend in with the rest of the crowd and so that you don’t get to stick out too much from the rest of the guests attending in the wedding.


Visit the wedding venue in advance so that you can assess the place and so that you can check crucial elements in your wedding photography shoot such as the lighting, the angles that you should shoot your pictures from, and how you should position yourself all throughout the photo shoot as well. Try to go ahead and visit the place at the same time of the day that the wedding will happen or is scheduled to take place so that as an essex wedding photographer, you will be able to more or less get an idea about how the lighting will pan out for you during the actual wedding day. You will be able to really prepare well for things if you visit the area ahead of time. One of the smart ways for you to go about this from the perspective of an enterprising wedding photographer would be for you to make an engagement shoot for the couple during the time that you scout out the wedding venue landscape or location.

Bring the couple with you so that you will be able to take in some test shots with them. This is also a pretty good way for people to get a little more comfortable with you as the wedding photographer.

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