The Use of Wild Wedding Flowers as a Bouquet

wild wedding flowers Wild flowers grow in the open not planted or seeded by any one. Using wild wedding flowers as a bouquet might not sound nice to someone else but it could be appreciated some other place. Some wild flowers are colourful, beautiful with a wonderful fragrance. Some of the seeds of this wild flowers are commercially sold for example, the sees of meadows and celandine.


  1. African Daisy ( Dimorphotheca aurantiaca): the African daisy wild flower can be used as a wild wedding flower, it originated from South Africa and it comes in very brilliant colours; orange, white and yellow. Orange, white and yellow are bright colours that can be used as wedding bouquet when the accurate proportions of each colours are combined. They bring out the beauty in a wedding.
  2. Agave (Agave americana): this wild flower grows in stalks and in green and yellow colours. They are quite study and might not serve well as a wild wedding flower .
  3. Baby Blue Eyes (Callirhoe involucrata); just as the name signifies, the flowers come in lovely shades of blue, most especially sky blue with a little bit of white in it. The sight is very lovely and gives a calming feeling. This will be pleasing to the bride when used as her wedding bouquet.
  4. Bird cherry (Prunus padus); these wild flowers are attractive to the eyes, they produce ablovely scent in their early years of development in May.
  5. Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria); this brilliant yellow wild flower will be a perfect for a wedding bouquet. It grows into eight petals arranged in the formnof a rosette. They are so delicate.
  6. Corn Flower/Bachelor’s Button (Centaurea cyanus): this flower has a lovely mix of colours, it is a natural wild wedding flower, since it comes already naturally packaged as a mixed flower bouquet.
  7. Drummond Phlox (Phlox drummondii): they grow as a cluster of flowers on a strong straight stem. They come in red colours that are very deep and they have the ability to blossom all through the year when watered frequently.


Making your wedding bouquet can be fun and it can save some money for the bride and the groom. To make a wild wedding flower, the steps below should be adopted, but first the following materials must be brought together

  1. Wild flowers
  2. Ribbon tape
  3. Pins
  4. Bucket
  5. Water
  • Step 1: Remove all foliage from the stem of the flowers and make sure the stems are if the same sizes
  • Step 2: Put the stems together and bind with the tape
  • Step3: Add flowers around the base stem and mix the wild wedding flowers according to your desire.
  • Step 4: Bind with your ribbon and your flower is ready.

The use of wild flowers in your wedding will make it a natural looking wedding, you can blend it in by decorating the wedding venue with some wild colourful flowers.

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