Wedding Photographer: Don’t Forget to Shoot These Things!

Peterborough wedding photographerBefore your client comes up with a long list of things to shoot, we want to make sure that as a professional Peterborough wedding photographer, you can confidently refuse it and reassure them that you’ve got this. Working as a Peterborough wedding photographer means you will have to go around from one place to another while remembering when, where and how to shoot different things.

Here’s the list!


The setup of the church and the ceremony venue has to be captured! Remember to capture them as early as possible. Before anyone arrives, don’t forget that altar, that aisle, and those flowers arrangement. You also need to remember to take a picture that shows the whole venue.

Dress-up session

This is the most important session that some couples miss! If your client is unsure about doing this, convince them! Tell them that this is once in a lifetime experience and that the wedding dress is meant solely for this day, so It’s worth remembering.

Remember to shoot the make-up set and everything that takes part in dressing up the bride. The most important thing would be taking a good picture of the wedding dress. This might take time to prepare as everyone is in a hurry to get ready and taking pictures is something that has to be done with utmost care.

You have to plan this one carefully as some couples wish to have their dress up pictures taken at the home of their grandparents. This can be quite a distance to travel from the bride to groom, so if you can get a second shooter, it’ll be easier.

Don’t forget a complete look of the bride and the groom on separate pictures. You’d want to especially take a shot of the bride’s back as she stands at the door facing outward. If the bride is wearing something that reveals a big portion of the back, make a note to definitely take several pictures of this.


After the dress up, don’t forget to take some pictures of the parents seeing their children in their full wedding outfit. It’s going to be a touching moment with tears here and there. Don’t forget that although daddy looks strong, he’s also feeling emotional, so snap some pictures!

Throughout the day, it is also important to take some more pictures of the parents, too. Couples love to see their pictures in their album but would also appreciate it if their Peterborough wedding photographer can include some funny, emotional, and cute pictures of their parents.

Best friends, bridesmaids, and groomsmen
They are almost a must in every wedding. But did you ever pay more attention to them after group pictures? Especially best friends who are not bridesmaids of the couples, it is important to make time because the bride definitely wants to take several pictures of just the two of them.

Watch out for some crazy stuff they are probably up to, too!

Surprise performances

Some family members love to make surprises for their relatives who are getting married. These performances might not appear on the itinerary, so if you had attended the wedding rehearsal before, you might get some insight first beforehand!

If you didn’t, be sure to pay attention to the dance floor, because uncle John might want to tap dance after the first dance!

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