Wedding Photographers Edinburgh Wedding Day Tips

Breakdown list of services.

edinburgh wedding photographyAll wedding photographers Edinburgh need to make sure that they get to break down their list of service inclusions to the clients as much as possible. The clients should always know what they are getting into before you get them to sign any contract that will end up cementing the deal. The moment that they start the deal with unrealistic expectations about the things that you are supposed to deliver by the end of the wedding photo shoot, you are in for some big trouble. Clients do not like the feeling of being caught with the shorter end of the stick. They are paying good money for your professional wedding photographer services, after all. Take time out of your day to really manage their expectations. Be transparent as much as possible when it comes to the different inclusions in your services. Try not to sugarcoat anything as you go along either. This will do nothing for you as a wedding photographer in the long run.

It is also quite important for wedding photographers to check out the wedding venue in advance.

The wedding venue will allow you to know ahead of time which the best spots are for some one on one portrait shots. The more that you know about the wedding venue, the better prepared you will turn out to be for the upcoming Edinburgh wedding photography shoot. You will get to know what kind of lighting you will end up dealing with, whether you might need to bring some special equipment along, and whether you have enough space to work around in or not. This will give you time to correct a few things that might not be set up the right way. You will not be able to call the attention of your clients and expect them to do something about it when the wedding starts in roughly around 5 minutes. You need a longer heads up than that. Conduct an ocular visit a few days before the actual wedding just so that you get to iron things out ahead of time.

Delays should also be anticipated as much as possible.

You can never really avoid delays. In an event that has roughly around 20 vendors or so, one vendor going off schedule can easily mess things up for the rest of all of the others. This is a fact of life and something that you will most likely experience as a professional wedding photographer. Whether the delay has been initiated by yourself or by someone else, you will need to deal with it anyway. Make sure that you get to factor in the possibility of delays when you are writing up your schedule. If you have planned something out for an hour, you might need to cut that down in half just so that you get to prepare for delays one way or the other.

Ask for the proxy.

If it is something that you can arrange with the bride ahead of time, try to see if she can appoint a proxy for you to reach out to during the wedding. The couple will not be all that available during their wedding. It will save you so much time if you get a proxy that you can consult while the wedding is ongoing.

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