Do You Need to Use Two Wedding Photographers?

wedding photographers BillericayWhy does one have a dilemma in choosing whether to use one or get two photographers for their wedding? Price is mainly the reason. If using one can save a bunch and knowing that you won’t get that much benefit from a second shooter, you might as well just use one.

At the same time, they can’t help but wonder if they’ll regret it. This is something that can never be repeated again and you’ll be having only the pictures to remind you of the wedding. Let’s settle this dilemma once and for all. The following are factors to decide if you should get two wedding photographers Billericay or not.

Is your wedding party big?

Some people like to do a ‘personal wedding party’ and invite only their close friends to the event. This type of wedding party doesn’t have more than 50 guests usually.If that’s what you’re planning, too, get a single photographer.

This is because a single wedding photographer is able to get everything that’s happening in the room and during the reception. Your photographer will be able to handle things just right with a few walks around the room.

It’s quite big

So, the wedding party is actually going to be quite huge. About 100 guests coming over? Well, we can understand that some of us love to spread the happiness and celebrate it with everyone. It’s literally a life-changing experience, so you’ll want this day to be really memorable.

A single photographer will still get you great, memorable pictures of the day, given if he’s a professional. One of the best wedding photographers Billericay who can pull this off is and we suggest you find him if you’re very stuck at the budget and wanting to get a single wedding photographer for your not-so-small wedding.

But if you’re not, the best way would be getting a second shooter for the event. This second shooter is going to take pictures of either the small things or have the same role as the lead photographer, that is taking pictures of the event without overlapping the tasks. Some photographers are also partners for life, so it’s not hard for them to work things out like that.

More pictures aren’t necessarily of quality

The second shooter that your lead shooter is bringing isn’t always of the same level. There’s a big chance that he’s just a trainee and you will only get more ‘small’ pictures; the flowers and other not-so-important pictures. Given if they are good enough to be included in your wedding album.

Whenever you’re hiring a second shooter, ask the professionalism and compare that to the price increase. The price increase shouldn’t exceed around $800 for a full-day service. You can count the rest yourself if the hours are lessened.

If you truly value the pictures

Some couples really like to have as many memories and pictures of their wedding day as possible. They are also eager to get multiple perspectives on a single event, such as the wedding vow and throw the bouquet. It’s a lot of think about when a lot of money is involved.

You can instead, get two wedding photographers Billericay assigned for shorter hours if a full-day service seems too much for you. Most photographers understand and will do the favor of getting as many pictures during the early hours (if you’re skipping the ceremony) or the late hours when the reception party is starting(if you’re skipping the reception).

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