Top Pricing Mistakes Most Same Sex Wedding Photographers Make

same sex wedding photographer

Even the mention of prices in many circles is enough to make some photographers cringe and many faces twist. Photographers have had not-so-good experiences dabbling with charges as they grew in the industry.

Set your charges too high as a beginner, and you risk losing customers, have nothing to show when it comes to displaying a portfolio and lose out on a whole. Set your rates too low, and potential clients see you as too cheap, even thinking that you might not do a good job.

Unsurprisingly, couples generally tend to use the price factor in choosing their wedding photographer. It is important they do that especially when working with a small budget. But it usually leads to hiring a mediocre photographer at the end of the day. Experts at event planning will usually advise to put photography somewhere up the list.

Back to photographers. A same sex wedding photographer doesn’t have it any different. When it comes to setting rates for weddings, many wedding photographers make these mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not Knowing their Niche or Target

As a wedding photographer who does same-sex weddings, you need to understand that you are in a niche of photography. Think of it like a specialty – like dermatology or cardiology in medicine. Truth is, you might not get to have a lot of same-sex weddings to shoot in a year. So, you should set a reasonably appropriate price.

Take a good look at price page. Paul is a full-fledged wedding photographer and also a same sex wedding photographer. By understanding your niche, you should set a good rate such that you don’t lose out at the end of the year.  Let your targets determine your prices.

Mistake #2: Separating Prices

You will not so easily find a wedding photographer who does only same-sex weddings. Like Paul above, for example, there is usually a blend.

As a wedding photographer who does other kinds of weddings too, it is a mistake to separate the prices for both, treating same-sex weddings “special”, and consequently attempting to fix different prices.

Mistake #3: Using Complicated Price Guides

An extension of the previous pricing mistake is to fix complicated rates such that clients find it difficult to understand your guide. Again, take a look at Paul’s online portfolio (link above) and you’d find simplicity in his rates, even as a same sex photographer with experience and various clients.

Simplicity is everything. You should have different packages, probably not more than three or four, but they should be lucid and direct. Many photographers who offer lots of services tend to overwhelm clients with lots of different price ranges. You should not do this as a professional photographer.

Always remember that your online portfolio is the first way you communicate with potential clients. If they feel comfortable with the way you communicate your rates, they’ll most likely contact you to seal the deal.

Prices can slow down the pace at which customers approach you in your career as a professional same sex wedding photographer. Of course, as you get more experience, and build a portfolio and brand, you can alter your prices to reflect your experience and skill and boost confidence.

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