Wedding Photography Techniques You Need to Know

Melbourne wedding photographyShooting for a wedding occasion can be challenging when unexpected situations arise. Sometimes, you have to shoot at the beach on an unusually bright day. Others may have to shoot with the sky looking like it’ll pour any second.

To make sure that your Melbourne wedding photography service will always deliver the same, high-quality results, you have to be prepared. How?


High ISO settings enhance the picture’s clarity as it lets more light into the lens. Yet, the higher is the ISO, the more noise is produced in the picture. Noise is small grains that are formed and this is common when ISO is set at 1600 and higher.

Normally, you wouldn’t be able to go more than 800 without seeing a lot of distorted noise, nor do you need to. In low-light, high ISO will let you capture things more clearly when coupled with long exposure. In daylight, low ISO will help you capture things faster and clearer.

Note, in dark situation, blurry images can be easily formed if you don’t use high exposure, long shutter speed, with a stable camera. You need to use your tripod or ensure that your hands aren’t shaking when you shoot. On the other hand, if it’s too dark, you can use flash or a secondary lighting source to brighten things up.


The right exposure will capture the picture at just the right brightness. The higher it is, the brighter it gets. But remember: it has to fit with not just the foreground, but also the background. If you’re shooting under the sunset, you’ll find yourself in trouble soon enough.

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The exposure that is too low won’t be able to show the picture clearly. You need to the right level, depending on the lighting situation. The brighter it is, the shorter should your shutter speed is. Remember that you can always edit the picture after capturing it in both high and low exposure mode. Do exposure bracketing to perfect the picture and get that stunning effect.

Shutter speed

Playing with shutter speed can create a truly different picture from the same view. Long shutter speed allow light to enter the frame and fills it with clearer image. Short shutter speed prevents blurriness and ensures crystal clear pictures. The long shutter speed is the one that you need to experience often. It allows for a range of different kind of photography you can incorporate.

The short one allows you to capture things quickly as they happen, which is great if you’re in the middle of the party. You can shoot on the go, not having to worry about bumps and shakes.

Long exposure ensures a higher quality picture and better view even on the minimum lighting situation. With the right exposure level, you can make sure that your pictures still look very professional even in the dark. The secret lies in mastering how the three can work well together in your Melbourne wedding photography.

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